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Thoughts ‘n Prayers t-shirt


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Are you ready to spread some holiday cheer, and by “cheer,” we mean humor? Behold the “Thoughts ‘n Prayers” unisex T-shirt – your ticket to guilt-free gifting this year!

This holiday season, when close friends and loved ones are expecting extravagant gifts, it’s time to throw them a delightful curveball. Instead of wrapping up the impossible-to-find and budget-busting wonders, they’ll leave your gathering with an abundance of “thoughts ‘n prayers.”

  • Color Choices: Available in classic white, sleek black, and serene blue – because why not add a touch of style to your generosity?
  • Santa Approved: Even Santa himself appreciates a good laugh, and this T-shirt is his go-to attire when he’s keeping it real in the North Pole.
  • The Gift That Keeps Giving: Unlike those trendy gadgets that end up in the back of the closet, “Thoughts ‘n Prayers” T-shirt will keep on giving – laughs, giggles, and good times.

So, gear up for a season of merriment and wit. This holiday, let your loved ones know that the real gift is the laughter and togetherness we share. Order your “Thoughts ‘n Prayers” T-shirt now and brace yourself for a holiday season like no other – full of humor, hugs, and maybe just a few extra thoughts ‘n prayers to go around!


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