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What A Save mug


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Our “What a Save!” mug inspired by Rocket League is perfect for every gamer ready to use the most toxic quick chat phrase ever created IRL! Buy yours now!

Rev up your beverage game with our “What a Save!” mug, the unofficial but totally epic ode to all the Rocket League players out there who know how to score, or more importantly, how to rub in a bit of infamous quick chat banter!

Designed for both serious rocket-powered freestylers focused on ranking up to Super Sonic Legend status and casual players alike, this mug is a secret code, a wink from one Rocket League aficionado to another. Whether you’re pulling off aerials or just barely scraping by, this mug says, “My air dribble, flip reset, musty flick combo can’t be stopped.”

Perfect for gamers of all ages, because who says only the young guns can rock the Rocket League spirit? Let everyone know you’re part of the unofficial Rocket League secret society.

Enjoy your favorite beverage while completing those weekly and season challenges. Dive into the Rocket League vibes and grab your “What a Save!” mug now! Boost your way to the checkout and show off your gaming prowess in style.

What a Save! What a Save! What a Save! – Chat disabled for 4 second(s)

Mug Size

11 ounces, 15 ounces


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